Drive your own car on our track, or rent one of our drift cars. Gymkhana and Autocross

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Pro Drift Package

Want a rush?! Trained drifters can choose the Pro Drift Package and take either 6 laps around our high-speed track for the ultimate drifting experience, or they can use this package for up to half an hour of wet-track practice.

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Learn To Drift

Our $125 lessons ($75 Mon-Thurs) are an excellent way to score killer track time in one of our drift rental cars (included in the price). Although it varies somewhat for each student, in general the first lesson teaches basic drift techniques for kicking out the rear of the car without spinning out, the second lesson usually teaches transitions, and the third lesson hammers home extensive wet-track mambling (and often your first lap our on giant, fast dry track...the preferred target goal for most drifters). Even after just a lesson or two you will be ready to rent one of our cars for extra track time. No need for reservations, we are general admission so you simply show up whenever it is convenient for you to have fun and we will take good care of you. We provide everything, including the adrenaline.

See you at the track!

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This instructor-driving ride along combines the excitement of high-speed car sliding with the fantastic desert sunsets and night time skyline of Las Vegas. With our Sunset Drift Package, you’ll get to drift on our high-speed track, slide sideways on our wet skidpad, and enjoy barel-rubbing donuts all while experiencing sunset drifting views of the amazing Las Vegas skyline.

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Drift Immersion Experience

The Drift Immersion Experience is for the adrenaline addicts of the automotive world. Fly in to Las Vegas. Get picked up in a drift car (for individuals) or shuttle bus (for groups larger than 4 people). Be chauffeured to the Drift-Vegas drift park, meet your instructor and pick your drift car.

First you'll enjoy the entire Sunset Drift Package as your instructor demonstrates mind-blowing drift techniques and then you'll take it to the next level by learning how to drift with an hour of one-on-one instructional track time after the SDP ends.

Now YOU are in the driver's seat! Wet slides, high-speed dry slides, donuts, togues, transitions, cluck kicks, e-brake slides, power-over slides, smoke the tires off of your drift car and take a picture of your souvenir shreds.

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Private Drifts

Get track time with instructors for up to 4 people, for just $1,000/hr. Learn to drift like a pro with your friends as you take to the track with private track just for you! Experience the best drifting experience possible!

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Rent Our Track

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Starting at $2,000/day you can rent our entire track for your car shows and events.

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View Our U-Drift Videos and Help Promote Our Teamallstars Friends

We think of drifitng on our track as the Ultimate driving experience. The ultimate adrenaline rush! Click the link below to get a glimpse of this amazing experience!

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What Is Drifting?

Unfamiliar with drifting? Interested in learning more about how to drift?
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